Cif / Cif The Web

Campaign Big Awards 20013: Gold, Grocer, Soft Drinks & Household, Contagious: Most Contagious 2013, The Guardian: Top 30 Apps for Kids 2013

Who better to remove all traces of grime, muck and dirt from the web, than Cif?

We created a unique and ingenious new iPad app that with one simple click lets your kids surf the internet in complete safety. ‘Cif The Web’ works like a normal web browser but blocks the sites that are unsuitable for children (4.2 million sites and growing).

But it goes much further than that. Our unique swear filter even swaps out dirty words for squeaky-clean ones. It’s so clever you wouldn’t even know the words had been changed. No complicated settings or passwords – just the web, as clean and safe as you’d expect from Cif.